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snape_fic's Journal

Snape Fan Fiction
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This community is for posting Snape fan fiction from the world of Harry Potter.

Please read the following rules before joining/submiting your fan fictions!

1.) All fan fiction must be posted using lj cut tags to save loading space. You may post the first paragraph or two in the community entry before an lj cut is placed.

2.)Fan Fiction entries must have Snape as a/one of the main character(s). However, if your fic has Snape going through a major transformation or is something that you think other Snape fans will like, you can post an entry with a link to your fic for those who are interested.

3.)Please include in the subject line of your entry the rating of your Snape fic (ie- NC-17, G, ect.) so we know what to expect.

* Slash fictions are welcome- any Snape fan fictions are welcome

* If you aren't a fic author but have links to Snape fics on the web, feel free to post the links to them in the community! Eventually, I'll be placing the links on here for reference.


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