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Severus Snape and the Last Year

My Snape muse needs some love or at least feedback.  He's the most demanding muse I've ever written...He picks on my prose.  It's like having a English Professor living in my head.  That said, he's given me some beautiful sentences.

Technically this is the third level of a three level story.  The first two being the same year from Harry and Draco's PoV...but you should not have to read the first two to follow Snape's story, though it'll help fill in plot details, and honestly makes some of Snape's moping rather funny when you know what's actually going on.

This story is canon through OotP, with an unwritten alternative 6th year and tells the story of Harry, Draco, and Snape's last year at Hogwarts.  While the main plot is taking place during Harry's 7th year, there are a LOT of flashbacks to Snape's own school career....I adore young Snape now.  Because this story was plotted out before HBP was released, Lily has been replaced by James' sister as a lost love interest.  Snape is the only canon character I prefer with an OC.

Length: 29,791 and counting
Rating: PG-13
This is primarily a romance/character study...but there are plots, twists....and lots of Lucius.

First Paragraph:

He was late. Severus Snape had never been late returning from a holiday before. He wanted to kill Karkaroff, really kill him. The elaborate ruse they had concocted to fake his death had been the cause for this delay. If it had not been for the saving grace of Monday mornings being his planning period he would have seriously considered Apparating back to Siberia and finishing the job properly.

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